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Pain Medicine Institute

The Pain Medicine Institute, led by Dr. Raymon D. Priewe, restores quality of life.

Cure the Pain

Very often, pain itself is debilitating. In many specialist practices, pain management is an afterthought. At Pain Medicine Institute, we are first about finding the pain, then fixing it. We aim for MMI, or Maximum Medical Improvement. Even in cases where chronic pain requires medication; our specialized pain management seeks to treat the pain according to your needs. Pain can either be under medicated or over medicated; our aim is to provide appropriate levels for maximum function. No matter what the cause, the pain itself can get in the way of a cure. When patients come to us, they understand that they have found medical practice that will pay attention to their needs.

Pain Medicine InstituteUnderstanding Care

Managing chronic pain is also about our accepting your problem with understanding and compassion. Very often, we are the last hope. Patients come to us after every other option has been exhausted. Patients who see us have not only suffered from the ailment that caused the pain, but have deteriorated further as they bear the under- or over-treated pain that goes along with their medical condition.

At the Pain Medicine Institute, we treat for a variety of problems that include spine injuries, cancer care and arthritis. Whatever the cause, we understand that chronic pain is often difficult to diagnose and treat. Our patients have often seen a variety of specialists, to no avail. We are often the last stop.

Very often, relief from the pain itself is curative. Patients who suffer from pain have a diminished quality of life. Restoring normal life patterns can mean increased social interaction and an ability to return to work.

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